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ECSO Topic of the month: Internet of Things

The Euopean Cyber Security Organization has an awareness calendar that provides some basic facts on selected subjects as well as associated solutions, services, courses and best practices from ECSO Members and the community.

Today, we are launching a new section on our blog to share information and articles with you in alignment with the monthly topics proposed by ECSO.

Life is a science fiction novel

It is safe to say that we live in a world that deceptively resembles a science fiction novel. We are surrounded by electronic devices that are able to communicate with each other without user interaction.

What is the Internet of Things?

Although the term itself is not really new, you cannot find a universally agreed definition what IoT is. It was a bit the same for the Cloud definition, right?

We could define IoT as a network of physical objects (“things”) that interact and exchange information with each other as well as with their owners, operators or other people.  It is widely believed that any embedded smart device that communicates over the existing internet infrastructure could be considered a “thing”.

You might say “there’s nothing new that IoT brings to the market”. Healthcare institutions have been using smart implanted devices like pacemakers and insulin pumps for years, and even smart home appliances are nothing new. You are absolutely right, so what makes IoT on of the hottest topics? Probably the magic combination-connection-collaboration of technology, business and media.

Growth of Internet of Things

Technology, business and media meet together to boost each other and that makes us think that the popularity of the Internet of Things to grow in the near future is absolutely certain.

  • Cost of technology constantly decreases.
  • More and more devices are being connected to the Internet.
  • Adding an embedded network module to any device is getting cheap, which gives a potential to unlock entirely new ways to interact with other devices and creating new business value for manufacturers.
  • Popularity of mobile devices is encouraging people to seek new ways to use them to monitor and control various aspects of their lives and work.
  • … and many more.

What could slow down the pace of development?

Many people, when answering the question: what is the Internet of Things, describe people traveling in autonomous cars and a house that cleans itself. However, this is a question of the future, because it will take a while for this vision to come true. The limitation is not the lack of imagination or lack of the skills. Rather, it is about user SAFETY and INSUFFICIENT NETWORK PERFORMANCE.