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Women Cyber Force First Year Celebrations

On March 8, Women Cyber Force celebrated International Women’s Day and its First Anniversary in a hybrid event with members and general public.

In our year of operation, we have grown our membership and held virtual and in-person events, creating opportunities to learn and connect. Other milestones include the creation of an ICT officer role and the recent addition of two new volunteers.

We currently have about 50 members and we expect to continue growing. 
Some of our goals for this year include creating more learning opportunities, conferences, and networking events. We are also looking to develop a work stream guidance on getting started in your cybersecurity career path and we would like to create a working group spearheaded by one of our members. 

We celebrated our anniversary by hosting the “Boost Yourself in Cybersecurity” competition, aimed at providing support to new joiners of the cybersecurity profession across the globe. 
We received candidates from all over, including Australia, Nigeria, Germany, and Belgium.
The competition was such a success that in addition to our three winners, Excellium, as member of the jury, sponsored an additional winner in support of the Africa Cybersecurity Resource Center (ACRC).

Congratulations to our four winners: Nivedita Sharma, Nawal Uwase, Jimena González Hernando and Aurélie Mbianda.
You can read more about them in our April newsletter.

We would like to remind how important it is for us to hear and have your feedback, please connect with us. You can reach us via email, our members-only Slack channel, on LinkedIn and Twitter

Thank you for your participation, for being a member, and helping us continue our success in our mission. We look forward to another great year!