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Unveiling the Remarkable Journey of Preeti Ramdou

Quest to Mastery

With a background in Software Engineering from the esteemed Mauritius University of Technology, Preeti embarked on her career journey as an SAP software developer at Accenture in Mauritius. This early experience laid the foundation for her strong technical knowledge.

In 2013, Preeti ventured into a new chapter of her career as she moved from Mauritius to Luxembourg and joined PwC within the Advisory Technology practice, marking the beginning of a transformative phase in her professional life.

A Legacy of Impact

Having served over 20 clients as an IT Architect and key expert in Business Process Management, Preeti has earned a reputation as a trusted advisor in Technology Consulting, navigating challenges, and delivering innovative solutions for renowned complex programmes with high impact at EU level.

Her dedication to mentorship and coaching in Business Process Modelling has empowered over 500 individuals in her organisation to excel in critical skills, further solidifying her role as a leader and mentor in the industry.

Versatility and Expertise

With extensive professional certifications and proven skills in project and program management, Preeti exemplifies a high level of proficiency in delivering successful outcomes. Her methodological approach to problem-solving ensures precision, efficiency, and excellence in every endeavor she undertakes, setting a standard of excellence in the industry.

Leadership and Vision

Since 2021, Preeti is assuming a pivotal role as the leader of the data governance operations team for PwC’s corporate services, showcasing her visionary approach to data management. Her strategic initiatives is not only driving technological advancements but are also transforming the business landscapes, leaving a lasting impact on the organisation she serves and the collaboration with other services: Cybersecurity, Data Protection, Legal, Information Security and IT Risk & Compliance.

Through her dedication and expertise in mastering IT, business and data topics, Preeti has earned the prestigious title of Enterprise Architect. Her ability to seamlessly operate across technical, functional, and strategic levels showcases her versatility, solidifying her position as a strategic leader in the field.

Empowerment and Advocacy
Beyond her professional accomplishments, Preeti is a driving force in promoting Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, particularly regarding Cultural Awareness. She has recently been appointed as core member of the PwC Luxembourg’s DEI Center of Excellence to lead initiatives on this topic. As co-lead of the Women in Data chapter in Luxembourg, she also champions women’s skills and empowerment, inspiring others to strive for excellence and leadership in the field of data. She is part of several associations in Luxembourg advocating for Women Empowerment.

A Beacon of Inspiration

Preeti is recognized for her captivating presence as speaker at industry events and conferences, where she shares her insights and expertise with audiences. Her valuable perspectives as a panelist for external companies contribute to thought-provoking discussions on Diversity Equity & Inclusion, technology, data governance and the link to cybersecurity.

As a valued member of our WCF community, Preeti continues to inspire us with her diverse skill set bringing forward the connections to Cybersecurity, unwavering commitment to excellence, and methodological approach to problem-solving.

We are privileged to have her as part of our network and eagerly anticipate her continued contributions and impact in putting forward the synergies between Data Governance and Information Security and Cybersecurity.

This article was published together with Preeti Ramdour.