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The AI Brussels effect: there’s an Act for that.

Dr. Anusha Moonshiram

Vice-President, Women Cyber Force

What is the Brussels Effect?

The Brussels effect is the process of globalizing the rules for the single market, mandating international companies working with EU member states to comply with its standards and regulations. The Brussels effect can be observed in competition law, the general data protection regulation (GDPR), food safety, the tobacco products directive and the environmental protection. The term “Brussels effect” is the title of a very interesting book authored by Dr. Anu Bradford, a very distinguished Professor of Law.

AI, what else?

One recent example of the Brussels effect is the EU AI Act.

The EU AI Act proposes a legal framework for the regulation of AI systems in the EU and it applies to all AI systems on the EU market or used in the EU, regardless of its place of development.  

The risk-based EU AI Act reveals the Brussels effect as it creates a hierarchy of AI systems based on their potential impact defined in four risk levels: unacceptable, high, limited and minimal.  In perspective, AI systems that create deepfakes are unacceptable risks, while examples of a high-risk AI system would be medical diagnosis or autonomous vehicles.

The year 2023 is the expected finalization of the EU AI Act, which represents a very significant piece of legislation that will have a major impact on the development and use of AI in the EU.

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Comparing the EU AI Act and the US NIST AI RMF

In March 2023, the US federal agency, the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) proposed an AI Risk Management Framework (RMF) as a voluntary framework that provides guidance and best practices for trustworthiness considerations in the design, development, use and evaluation of AI products, services and systems. The NIST RMF proposes four RMF functions: govern, map, measure and manage, relying on existing NIST standards and guidelines to support the implementation of risk management measures. It puts a high focus on the technical and security aspects of AI.

In comparison, the EU AI Act introduces new requirements and obligations for AI providers and users, such as transparency, human oversight, quality management, data governance, and post-market supervision. It is a proposed regulation that aims to ensure that AI systems respect the safety and fundamental rights of people and businesses, focusing more on the ethical and legal aspects of AI.

Ultimately, as one compares the EU AI Act, and the US NIST AI RMF, it depends on one’s preference. If one values innovation, flexibility and competitiveness, the US NIST AI RMF would be the preferred choice. On the other hand, if one values trust and transparency in AI systems, the EU AI act would makes more sense as it aims to create a clear and consistent legal framework for AI developers and users across the EU, requiring human oversight, data quality, information provision, and conformity assessment for high-risk AI systems.

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